Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is just the Beginning..

I started this Blog as Legal Nurse NY. I wanted to be consistent to avoid confusion.

I am now NYLegalNurse. Here is a recap of my previous blogs which I hope are helpful.

In my attempt to gain a client base and web presence I have found some time savers and time wasters. I found the following were excellent ways to get your name out there...

Legal Nurse NY
Saturday, September 26, 2009
Getting my business to ride the information superhighway
Okay so my journey on the world wide web information superhighway feels like I am riding on the Long Island Expressway from Manhattan to Oceanside in a Yugo at 4 pm with the radiator overheating on a Friday afternoon with my GPS on the fritz.

Slow going but eventually I will get there with a few minor detours.

This detour was via New Jersey.

Anyone who knows my sense of direction will understand this statement.I have chosen the following exits or outlets to market my business name and brand.


This form of social media networking is mostly for business and has some great tools to see and be seen.

The groups are excellent and provide ways to consult with colleagues in the form of a list serve.

Linkedin also gives me an ability to market to potential attorney clients.

My potential clients also have the ability to get a brief synopsis of the services my company provides.

Linkedin also offers ability to link to my website, my twitter account and my blog or my CV on visual CV.

Brown book is more of a directory like yellow book. This is another free service which allows your business to obtain a space to be found on the web. You may write a brief bio and note your contact information.

Fast pitch

is a cross between linked in and facebook. It has more of a facebook feel by design but it appears to have a smaller following.

Lastly, I am working on a VisualCV.
I think visual CV bares adding as it appears to be a great site.
It offers an excellent format for resume writing.
You can attach your resume to an email as a PDF or send a perspective client or employer a link to view your CV.
You can add it as a URL to all the social networking sites as well offering more exposure. It can itself be utilized as a webpage. Visual CV gives you the ability to add work product samples and multimedia.

Happy driving....

You are in Business, Do you have a Website?
YES, Yes I do. Thank you Microsoft office live. Microsoft office live offers: free web hosting, templates, e-mail addresses and online support.

The greatest part about it is it FREE.

No really. It is Free.

That is not the greatest part about it.

The greatest part about it is you don't need a degree in computer programming to navigate the site. It has templates.

You do require an 8 year old.

If I used an 8 year old, it probably would have taken me less time to put up my website up.

It took me a few days and it was not very difficult at all.

Check it out at

Happy Website Building...NY Legal Nurse